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Exfol A Cream INR 2499 INR 2499

Exfol A Cream

* A Potent Exfoliatinng cream. * No Crusting But Only Exfoliation and Scaling. * Combination of Retinol and Retistar and Salicylic. * Added AA2G ( Stable Vitamin C) * A Stable Peel in an Airless Pump Bottle for longer Life. * No Change in PH on keeping for long Duration. * Exfoliation Start on Day 2 Peaks at Day 3 to Day 5. USE FOR * Grade 1-2 Acne * Keratosis Pillaris * Keratodermas * Back Acne * Skin Whitening * Tan Removal * Enhancing Efficiency of other Medications

INR 2499 INR 2499


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Amasde Skin Cleanser
Amasde Skin Cleanser INR 299 INR 299

Amasde Skin Cleanser

Amasde Skin Cleanser With Nano Turmeric 100% Biodegradable European & Asian Guidelines Compliant Non-irritant,ph Balanced. Near Natural Ingredients . ORAMAX & COLALIPID Imported from France,known for safety of long term use and non-irritant. 100% Pure Nano Curcumin, extract; known to Reduce inflamation in Skin. * No Parabens & Heavy Metals * Safe for you & Safe for Planet * 100% Biodegradable Oleresin in nano turmeric is active against staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas.E Coli ( J.Agric Chem,1999,47(10)PP4297 Improvement in Dermatophyte infected lesions in 7 days post application. J. Ethnopharmacol,1995,49:163-9) Topical nano turmeric oil ( emulsion ) has anti-inflammatory activity can be used possibly for psoriasis & Atopic Dermatitis Int Jour of Drug Del.4(2012)184-197) Topical Nano Turmeric oil ( emulsion) has anti-inflammatory activity & can be used possibly for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis rich in Polyphenols and has anti-bactrical activity ( Msd East J. Appli Sc.6(4)757-796 74-78 nm Particle Size 100% Natural Turmeric oil fragrance

INR 299 INR 299


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