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* A Potent Exfoliatinng cream. * No Crusting But Only Exfoliation and Scaling. * Combination of Retinol and Retistar and Salicylic. * Added AA2G ( Stable Vitamin C) * A Stable Peel in an Airless Pump Bottle for longer Life. * No Change in PH on keeping for long Duration. * Exfoliation Start on Day 2 Peaks at Day 3 to Day 5. USE FOR * Grade 1-2 Acne * Keratosis Pillaris * Keratodermas * Back Acne * Skin Whitening * Tan Removal * Enhancing Efficiency of other Medications 1486203437
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Amasde Skin Cleanser With Nano Turmeric 100% Biodegradable European & Asian Guidelines Compliant Non-irritant,ph Balanced. Near Natural Ingredients . ORAMAX & COLALIPID Imported from France,known for safety of long term use and non-irritant. 100% Pure Nano Curcumin, extract; known to Reduce inflamation in Skin. * No Parabens & Heavy Metals * Safe for you & Safe for Planet * 100% Biodegradable Oleresin in nano turmeric is active against staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas.E Coli ( J.Agric Chem,1999,47(10)PP4297 Improvement in Dermatophyte infected lesions in 7 days post application. J. Ethnopharmacol,1995,49:163-9) Topical nano turmeric oil ( emulsion ) has anti-inflammatory activity can be used possibly for psoriasis & Atopic Dermatitis Int Jour of Drug Del.4(2012)184-197) Topical Nano Turmeric oil ( emulsion) has anti-inflammatory activity & can be used possibly for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis rich in Polyphenols and has anti-bactrical activity ( Msd East J. Appli Sc.6(4)757-796 74-78 nm Particle Size 100% Natural Turmeric oil fragrance 1494942673
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Designed specifically to target the hormonal causes of hair loss. Without having to take potentially inconvenient hormonal drugs. Extremely safe to use, with loads of ingredients carrying nature's goodness and gentleness. Unlike the conventional Minoxidil preparations it is non sticky and naturally fragrant to use. Krinoforte leaves your hair well looked after unlike the harsher medicated preparations. Use as directed by your physician along with other therapies. Always remember to target other causes of hair loss along with the treatment for best results. It is prudent to consult your dermatologist for best results with any product. Krinoforte shampoo is also available without many harmful ingredients. 1473311874